ATV Safety Videos

Honda have brought out the following videos as part of their partnership with the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC).

Whilst produced in conjunction with the BASC, these videos are appropriate to anyone riding and using an ATV.

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Climbing steep slopes

Move your body weight forward, keep a constant speed and let the machine do the work.

Crossing water

Slowly and cautiously – resist the temptation to pick up speed and you won’t end up soaked!

Starting on a hill

Move body weight forward, increase the power slowly and let the bike do the work.

Descending steep slopes

Shift body weight backwards, ride in the straightest line possible and select first gear for maximum engine braking.

Crossing a fallen tree

Not too much power and consistent movement will make sure you get over in one go.

Crossing a ditch

Four wheel drive, first gear and then make sure the bottom of the ditch can cope with the combined weight of you and the bike before going any further.


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