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Week Three – Russia to Kazakhstan

Monday 3rd September

Jeff begins his third week with a hard day of riding towards the Russian border. He has great fun and covers over 300 miles on bad roads, which are full of pot holes and mad drivers. He manages to dodge the strict Ukraine Police for the day, even though him and Ken do go through a red light (naughty Jeff!) and he spends the day waiting to be pulled over and ‘thrown into jail!’ Jeff decides to ‘rough it’ for the night and stays in the Ramada Hotel for a couple of nights as tiredness is starting to catch up with some of the group.


Wednesday 5th September

Jeff continues riding through Russia, 500 miles up the side of the Volgogradskoye Reservoir, the biggest one in Europe, and the road up is ‘as flat as the eye can see, barren landscape, high winds with wagon after wagon’. The hotel Jeffs stays in isn’t quite the Ramada but cheap, however he comments that ‘the rooms are from the 1930’s with a walk in shower, every think gets soaked even the toilet paper!

Saturday 8th September

Jeff and Ken decide to stay at the Hotel Slovakia in Saratov for the night rather than rough camp with the rest of the group on the Kazaksthan border. The weather is noticeably cooler and much more overcast.

Sunday 9th September

Its a 6am start for Jeff and Ken and they have 300 miles to do in order to get to Kazakstahn. They take it easy as the journey is a hard slog and there aren’t many petrol stations! There are hundreds of sparrows and crows and in the 300 miles travelled Jeff spots over 20 hawks (keep your eyes on the road Jeff!) . They stop at the Puskin Hotel, deciding that at £47 per night ‘it isn’t worth putting the tent up!’






And if all else fails…

You’ve always got a back up vehicle Jeff in this little Russian car!

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