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Week Seven – China

Jeff has had limited access to wifi this week, but he has managed to a couple of emails and a few pictures through for your enjoyment.

This week he has visited the desert in Turpan and then Hami, Kumal, Liuyuanzhen and Jiuquan.

Jeff starts the week and has some fun in the desert in Turpan and the town itself is just like a movie set,  just a small town in the middle of nowhere’! They eat lunch on the side of the road, ‘soup noodles, a little meat and what was like nan bread’.
Later on in the day, the group visited the old city from 450 AD, which is carved out of the hillside. They then have a meal in the all night market, ‘everyone goes to eat there in the open air’. ‘I had a whole chicken, roasted (it wasn’t very big) with stirfry vegetables but no rice, which I thought wasstrange‘!

Later on in the week, four of the gang ventured into the mountains from Hami and rode to over 12,000 feet (to put that into perspective Mount Snowdon is 3560 foot). On the way down it snowed and was freezing ‘I had to cut up my sleeping mat and stuff it down my trousers much to the amusement of the crowds that always gather’! They then stay overnight in the town.

City Riding…

And another picture that I couldn’t resist is of this local, who looks like he might be wanting to join the MotoXplorers boys – he’s all packed and ready to go!

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