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Week Eight to Ten – China into Laos

So, I must start this blog with an apology for the lack of updates over the last three weeks, but due to a limited wifi access the updates haven’t been coming across as frequently from our intrepid traveller Jeff. However, some good news is that he is due back on Friday 9th November and to celebrate his return we will be holding a Welcome Home party for him on Saturday 17th November from 7pm at the shop. There’ll be a hog roast and a band and of course Jeff will have some tales to tell!

Tuesday 9th October

Jeff went off road in the mountains of Sichuan with Engles and Rod, and things got very tough as they were riding through mud and ruts. It took them 4 hours to do 20 miles! Engles and Rod hurt their legs and ‘I dropped it twice, but don’t have anyinjuries’.  A local lad acted as a guide through the mountains. Once they had finished off road, the group rejoined the main road where it was snowing, no surprise really as they were at 15,000 feet! Jeff and co should have been back at their hotel for 1pm, but after stopping to clean the bikes in a village, it wouldn’t get going again so they had to strip the bike down and dry out the electrics. ‘Most of the village turned out to help us get it going again and we ended up back at the hotel at 6pm’!

Sunday 14th October

Jeff and the group ride to Lugo so left Sichuan early to get to the next town to look at temple. ‘We had to pass lots of wagons just crawling up the mountainside, cars were coming down on our side of the road, it was suicidal and cold, minus 5 degrees and I got a headache with thealtitude‘!

Thursday 18th October

Jeff, quite rightly, reflects on his journey so far. ‘The sights are just to hard to put in to words, there is such a contrast between the new and old china, and it is best seen from the bike. The journey has been hard sometimes but then you sit down with a beer and think wow, not many people have been this way before, this a trip which will never be forgotten.

Thursday 25th October

Jeff arrives in the next country on the itinerary. Laos and comments on ‘how things can change over a border. Its all mud huts, there’s no traffic and the roads aregood’. The group stay at lodgings on the river Mekong where they have good food and even venture for a swim!

Friday 26th October

Jeff has a second night’s stay in Laos having ridden 300 miles. The roads were good most of the time, but there were lots of mud slides in the mountains. The group arrive shattered in the pitch black, but the hotel more than made up for it’!

Saturday 27th October

Jeff spends the weekend relaxing on a boat on the Mekong river.

More to come soon – there are now less than 2 weeks to go! Don’t forget – Jeff’s Welcome Home Party, Saturday 17th November from 7pm at the shop!

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